The rummy game has many variations, since it’s known all over the world. Different parts of the world have developed the game of rummy in its own ways. The Indian version or Rummy, also known as 13 Cards Rummy, is one of the most played versions of the game.

Previously, real rummy was played physically between players with real decks of cards. But as time went on, the game of rummy was developed to be played on your devices. Now, with the introduction of online rummy, you can enjoy the game of rummy anytime, anywhere on your devices. You can play virtually with players from different parts of the world. And with the development of the game the prizes at stake have developed too.

In online rummy game, you have the same experience as real rummy, but you can also win loads of prizes. The game might be virtually but you can actually get the prize when you play. You can compete with players from around the world and show your skills at the game, and if you win any of the following, there are loads of exciting prizes waiting for you.

Rewards you can win when you play online rummy:

  • Cash prizes

When you play online rummy in paid matches, you can win a cash prize for winning the matches. Each time a player wins a paid game of online rummy, the player is entitled to get rummy cash, which can be transferred to real cash in your bank account.

  • Bonuses and gift vouchers

When you play rummy regularly, you can win many exciting bonuses like the “Welcome Bonus”. Here the Rummy Passion app is giving all its players double cash of Rs50. Once you register with your phone number in the game, you get Rs50 playing cash, but then when you finish your profile with your verified KYC, you again get Rs50 playing cash.

  • Promotions

The Rummy Passion holds many exciting promotional activities such as monthly leaderboards, jackpot offers, etc. They are like a timely contest and if you can win, you will stand a chance to get exciting rewards and bonuses.

  • Tournament winnings

Rummy Passion also promotes tournaments. Players from around the world take part in these tournaments. You would require to book your slot for the tournaments, and if you are able to win at a tournament, the prizes are even bigger and better than normal matches.

  • Loyalty points

The Rummy Passion Club is a free rewards scheme if you play real cash rummy. Enrolment to this program is free and automatic when you make your first deposit. You can earn loyalty points by playing cash games. You can redeem your loyalty points as cash bonuses and exciting prizes like electronics, dream vacations, jewellery, lucky draw, birthday bonuses, etc.


Winning in online rummy is far better than winning in real rummy. The prizes are a lot more than any physical game of rummy. Now that you know you can win big with online rummy, have fun playing.