Why should you advertise using Search Engine Marketing? Your message is delivered only when someone enters a search term qualifying them as a potential prospect.


Internet usage/speed continues to increase
Consumers prefer online media
Ability to reach “Interested” Consumers/Shoppers

In traditional media, consumers are bombarded with ad messages which are irrelevant to them at that point in time. TiVo, viewers skip 80% of the commercials. On the internet, surfers control what content they want: they decide what sites they want to visit & click through to those sites.

In addition to allowing surfers the ability to gather information on products/services they are considering in the short term, research also shows that the internet can be an effective branding tool.

Important tools for a successful search engine marketing campaign. Using a keyword approach that is made up of geo-targeted generic terms, national and local competitor terms and seasonal keywords. Also using Long Tail Keywords – 4,5 & 6 keyword phrases with lower click volume but typically convert better than high search volume keywords. This allows you to target all phases of a customers purchase funnel. Unique ad copy is crucial that allows both a call-to-action and helps you build your brand. It is very important that you have an ongoing campaign for ad copy optimization. Having someone with a Media planning background to strategically develop keywords, adapt to industry and market changes, and optimize bids on higher converting keywords will give you a huge advantage in the area of Internet advertising. You should always try to balance the benefits of placement, Cost Per Click, and clicks to create the perfect mix and best value for your spend. Always send all traffic directly to your site – never to a proxy site.